March 1921 The Dolly Sisters Meet David, Prince of Wales

Published March 20, 2013 by Gary Chapman

It was in early March 1921 that the Dolly Sisters first met David, Prince of Wales during the run of Jigsaw at the London Hippodrome. They declined to simply appear as entertainers and dance at a party Sir Philip Sassoon was giving and intrigued he went to see them. He appreciated their point of view and as a mark of his appreciation he invited them to his Park Lane home and the party as guests. The Prince of Wales was there with Prince Henry and they both engaged the Dolly Sisters in conversation and danced with them.

‘Pinch me, I’m dreaming,’ Jenny said during a break; ‘it’s like a fairy book.’

This was the beginning of a long friendship that endured into the 30s with a more serious entanglement between Jenny and David, Prince of Wales (Edward VIII) in 1924.

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