Jenny’s car accident 2 March 1933

Published March 4, 2013 by Gary Chapman

As Jenny Dolly and her companion Max Constant returned to Paris by car on the misty dawn of 2 March 1933, Jenny’s chauffeur Noel apparently dozed at the wheel and the car left the road at 75 miles an hour just outside Cavignac, 30 miles from Bordeaux. The car bounced from one tree to another along the roadside before overturning and hitting another tree throwing Jenny 30 feet. Her injuries were extensive. The entire right side of her face was terribly torn and mutilated, and she had an eye injury. One of her lungs was punctured. Several ribs were shattered. She had concussion, and her skull was fractured. But most seriously she had severe internal injuries, which included a displaced stomach. She was in a coma for five days and delirious for one month. Max Constant was in a coma for forty-eight hours but was less critically injured.  Noel, the chauffeur, also survived the crash, but there were no reports of his condition.

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